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Post Vacancies

Both Administrators and Employers are able to add new jobs. Admins add jobs via the back-end in WordPress and Employers add them via the front-end section in the Employers profile dashboard.

Add and manage jobs

Employers can add new jobs in their profile dashboard under ‘Post New’. Providing the employer has credits available then they can add their jobs.

Creating a job is very simple with either method. Fill out each field in the post new job page, add the featured image, its tags and category and there you have it! Job posted.

Job Locations

You can manually select the job location within the GeoLocation section of adding a new job, or you can select pre-defined locations from the Location section. You’ll need to enter these locations from within the Locations menu of JobBoard in the admin dashboard.

Upload success stories

Showcase your company culture and benefits by uploading success stories, testimonials, and video.

Add outcomes and notes

Add outcomes and notes for job candidates to your dashboard to track progress. Share progress and updates with workforce development teams.

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